TEDxHuntsville is a local derivative of TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design), a nonprofit organization known for online talks.  Since 2009, local professionals and residents excited about Ideas Worth Spreading have volunteered to bring TED to the Tennessee Valley area.  The team meets throughout the year, curating and planning for the annual TEDxHuntsville and TEDxYouth@Huntsville events, plus smaller intimate gatherings for livestreams and TEDTalk sessions.  TEDxHuntsville is involved in bringing awareness and participation to positive, engaging, local community projects.

Join us for a evening of ideas with the audience from Vancouver, BC at TED 2017. This year’s event, The Future You, will be live, unedited and shown at the Davidson Center Theater. You’ll learn more about TED, TEDxHuntsville 2017 and then will watch a personal viewing of Session 10, beginning at 7:00 pm CST. Door prizes to be given away will include t-shirts, TEDxHuntsville 2017 tickets and more. Food & drinks are available for purchase at the Rocket Center’s Biergarten event, which you may bring into the theater as you enjoy the event.

An evening to explore the most pressing questions of our time and to imagine what our shared future might look like. From how we’ll work to how we’ll connect and interact to how we’ll collectively thrive in a world full of change, we’ll ask – and try to answer – the big questions of the moment.
The Future You.

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Volunteers Wanted!

Do you love TED? Get involved with TEDxHuntsville!

We are always looking for dedicated volunteers who are passionate about Ideas Worth Spreading and want to make TEDxHuntsville a success.  Complete this form here or send us an email to volunteers@tedxhuntsville.com if you want to learn more about volunteering at various events throughout the year.


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