Do you love TED? Get involved with TEDxHuntsville!

TEDx was created in the spirit of TED’s mission, “Ideas Worth Spreading.” The program is designed to give communities, organizations and individuals the opportunity to stimulate dialogue, spark deep discussions and connections through TED-like experiences at the local level.”

TEDxHuntsville brings great ideas to Tennessee Valley, put them on a stage and shares them with the world. We are a community-based platform for spreading ideas; identifying local voices and amplifying their best ideas across disciplines locally while providing access to a global audience through the TED and TEDx media network. TEDxHuntsville is organized entirely by passionate volunteers.

As we approach our 6th year in running TEDxHuntsville, we want to build the organization and bring people who are passionate about Ideas Worth Spreading and want to make TEDxHuntsville a success.

Some of the key positions are listed below. But if you have a special skill or talent that you think TEDxHuntsville benefit, bringing it on!

Our kick-off meeting is on Tuesday, January 7, 2014 from 6pm to 7pm at UAH at the Wilson Hall Auditorium.

We will give a small introduction to what TEDx and TEDxHuntsville is all about and different roles you can play in our success.

Please sign up with the address below, so that we can contact you, in case if anything changes!



Commit to at least a year term (Not required but preferred)
Attend bi-weekly to weekly meetings, provide report and next action
Create and keep documents for timeline and checklist


Keep track of expenses, create and manage event budget, and pay invoices

Communicate with current partners and gathering new partners, make sure TEDxHuntsville executes list that we promised!

Volunteer Coordinator
Recruit volunteers for event day, conduct orientation(s) before an event, assign roles and manage them

Find, contact and communicate with presenters (speakers and
performance)  for TEDxHuntsville 2014, conduct nomination or audition process if necessary

Speaker Coach
Communicate and work with presenters to make sure they deliver most effective TEDxTalks within the time allocated, presentation slides are aligned with TED’s guideline, make sure they feel comfortable!

TEDxLab (innovation alley -interactive tech/media/art space)
Find, contact and communicate with groups or individuals that are suitable to display at TEDxLab

Spread TEDxHuntsville’s message! Responsible for external communications including public relations, newsletter, advertising and promotional materials.

Social Media
Keep audience informed and engaged on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.
Post event announcements, videos, pictures related to TEDxHuntsville, TEDx or TED

Event Production
Oversee production of programs and events, including pre-event dinner, post-event party. Communicate with venues (technology, props), secure travel items (flight, hotels, transportation for presenters & TEDxLab, if necessary), come up with stage design

Media (Videos and Photos)
Work with A/V team and photographers, make sure they follow TED guideline and final product is delivered in timely manner