One year later after the inaugural event, TEDxHuntsville returned to Huntsville, Madison County and surrounding areas to experience and share in ideas worth spreading in a independently organized TED event. With attendance well over 275 visitors, guests arrived at the Jackson Center, Sunday afternoon. Upon entering, attendees were welcomed by a TEDxLAB display which showcased technology innovations like a “DIY” 3D printer, a jet propelled scooter and a MARCBOT automated by a XBOX game controller.




The afternoon was jump started with Don Boyer and the UAH Jazz ensemble showcasing the evolution of jazz music. The journey continued with talks from TED fellow Sean Gourley sharing his discovery of the relationship between mathematics and war. Chief Meteorologist Dan Satterfield gave insight on learning atmospheric conditions from ice frozen in the arctic. Shawn Levy reminded us technology isn’t truly effective until it is widely available. Alex MacDonald, another TED fellow, challenged Huntsville to take control of space travel and prepare for a new future with new ideas and directions. Space pioneer and inventor Tim Pickens shared his passion for space travel, rockets, and water-propelled jet packs to the amusement of the audience.


After a short break, the featured speakers continued to share insight on innovation perspectives. Sterling Wharton expressed to attendees the idea of considering innovation as a business model. Victoria Grady described how organizational change initiatives continue to experience a failure rate, even though companies still press forward in creating them. Douglass Coutts presented how educating girls in third world countries can manage and control world population. Charles Murray informed the captivated audience that a stream of human accomplishment is facilitated in a culture that has a sense of purpose.


The day was completed by an artistic presentation of the day’s talks by Christian Hamrick and the Layman Group presented a thought provoking and interactive interpretation of the book, “The War of Art”. TEDxHuntsville was concluded with a delicious reception hosted by the Jackson Center. Mission success!


The inspiring TED Talks that focused on innovation were as follows:

William Kamkwamba The LXD